Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Microbrew Review of Abita Christmas Ale

I have to admit, I picked up a couple 12 ounce bottles of Abita Brewing Company Christmas Ale this evening just solely because of the shiny silver foil printed labels. Something about the appearance of the bottle just shouted "festive". I had to give it a try. And being the holiday season, this beer fit right in. I'll be blunt by saying I'd trying a couple of the year round offerings from Abita Brewing Company (a microbrewery based in Abita Springs, Louisiana) and at least with those microbrews was not the most impressed. I was hoping Christmas Ale might be a little different.

Pouring Abita Christmas Ale into a standard unchilled 12 ounce beer mug, I was presented with an amber, reddish vibrant hue. The beer looked "zesty" so to speak with a bold bright color and energetic bubbles abound everywhere. There was no notable head to point out and despite it's bubbly appearance, the beer gave off a "thin" image.

Taking the first couple sips of Abita Christmas Ale was where it really got going for me. The nose was sweet and bready. A little bit of clove mixed in. Not a whole lot of out of the box going on here but the flavor was respectable. It was a little thin for my taste, but still with a bit of Christmas Ale type spice and bite. Abita Christmas Ale was clean, crisp and refreshing. It gave off a little bit of holiday-esque sensation through it's spiciness but kept it drinkable with the balance of hops throughout. It didn't go over the top.

I actually could imagine myself enjoying several of these regularly during a typical microbrew session throughout the year regardless of the season. Abita Brewing Company Christmas Ale was just that darned drinkable and easy to put down. Now, if only all the Abita Brewing Company offerings were in the same ballpark of flavor, I'd be more and more on the lookout for Abita Brewing offerings in my local microbrew bottleshop haunt and at the beer distributor as well.

As a quick wrap up, I'd have to say that I do recommend the Abita Brewing Company Christmas Ale to anyone who's asking. It's not all that complex of a brew and certainly not as sweet, thick, or spicy as a lot of Christmas craft beers are know for, but Abita Christmas Ale holds it's own, is very drinkable and is at least interesting enough to make you pay attention to the beer throughout the entire bottle consumption process. I noticed a little more flavor as the beer warmed and a little more warmth from the milder levels of alcohol by volume included in this beer as well.

I'd recommend going out and picking up a bottle or two of Abita Brewing Company's Christmas Ale if you do get an opportunity to this holiday season. The festive label will make it look a little more exciting than it is, but the beer will not disappoint and would be a nice, "lighter" craft beer addition to any holiday gathering throughout this Christmas beer drinking season.

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