Sunday, June 10, 2007

Boulder Beer Company's Mojo India Pale Ale - A Colorado Microbrew

I was a little curious mainly in seeing the name of this neat little microbrew on the bottle- Mojo India Pale Ale. Sounds catchy, doesn't it? Well, I picked up a 12 ounce bottle just for kicks. I'm a huge India Pale Ale fan and this was one microbrew (offered by Boulder Beer Company, a microbrewery based out of Boulder, Colorado) that I hadn't yet had the opportunity to sample.

I poured the bottle into a standard 12 ounce glass mug, unchilled. A nice bright copper appearance greeted me with excellent carbonation and clarity to match. It was a "lively" looking microbrew. A two finger fluffy pillow of a head didn't hurt its rating so far either. Overall, the appearance was really quite up to snuff.

A strong aroma of citrus wafted from my mug providing a nice invitation to partake of my beer vessel's contents. Up to this point, I was really looking forward to moving forward with this beer sampling.

Taste, now that's where it's at! I really enjoyed this one. Very smooth, crisp and refreshing. This is a well put-together india pale ale. Lots of citrus but not in an overbearing sense. It didn't make it like drinking grapefruit juice which many IPA's I've tried in the past have. Must have something to do with the Amarillo and Centennial hops used in this fine concoction.

Mojo India Pale Ale is another entry in the Boulder Beer Company "Looking Glass" series of beers that focuses on putting a little bit of a new twist on several different particular favorite microbrew styles. I've had two others from this series and, after trying out Mojo India Pale Ale, am anxiously looking forward to investigating some other fine craft beers from this microbrewery in the not too distant future.

This india pale ale clocks in at about 6.8% alcohol by volume so please don't go overboard. This is not a you'd want to down a quick six pack of on a hot summer's day. Take your time and enjoy the time it took to brew this nice craft beer. You'll be glad you did!

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